Why choose us?

Excellent history of the company


Heading for a successful future which values of the past

It is our capability to comply with the requirements of any customer and to offer them our solutions. PPHI GROUP has specialized for many years in creating customized overall solutions for a host of different needs, ideas and perceptions of our customers. According to the slogan that nothing is impossible, really we elaborate an approach in harmonization with our customers, which is feasible, efficient, long-lasting and affordable. Since it was first established in 1949, our corporation, which is based in Tehran-Iran, has developed into a supplier of overall solutions whose chief priority is customer service.

Under the leadership PPHI GROUP, who are successfully directing our corporation in its third generation, we have been striving, despite these hectic times, to maintain values, which cannot be taken for granted. The performance of an enterprise is always reflected in their closeness to customers and employees. Friendliness, competence, and our exceptional requirements concerning quality will continue to ensure the outstanding performance delivered by PPHI GROUP.


  • Impas Co. 12.01.2012

    - Vaccum Pump Coating
    - Impas Co.

  • Besat  Powerplant 12.01.2012

    - Noise Inclosure
    - Besat Power Plant