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Hard-facing with Powders

Technopowder, without the carbide addition, used in conjunction with Technodur and Technosphere application improves the deposit as well as speeds the application time by as much as one-third.

These powders are furnished in the hardness range of 20-60 RC.

The addition of tungsten carbide to these yields a deposit which exhibits excellent wear resistance.

LaserCarb powders are furnished for the laser cladding process.
These powders allow the resolution of a great many deposition welding problems. The pre-mixed Tungsten carbide Technopoudres cover a whole range of hardnesses, going from 20Rc to 60 RC, even beyond.

We offers three kinds of Technopoudre:

  • Powders for oxy-acetylene torch deposition welding.
  • Pre-mixed Tungsten carbide powders.
  • Lasercarb powders for special laser applications.