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Corrosion protection

For optimal protection of steel against corrosion, coatings must be perfectly suited to the environment, the aggressive substrate and the specific requirements. For our customers, we develop and use corrosion protection systems that are perfectly adapted to suit the required profile and application. Depending on the task, this may be a coating made of several components, a metallic layer or a duplex system.Our ceramic/polymer composite materials are corrosion and wear resistant. Thereby the products can be divided in the following requirements profiles:

Areas of corrosion protection:
  • Drinking water coatings
  • Internal tank coatings
  • Offshore coatings
  • Hydraulic steelwork
  • Atmospheric
  • Sewage
Areas of application:
  • Tanks
  • ¬†Pumps/fittings¬†
  • Gravel filters
  • Water treatment basins
  • Drilling platforms
  • Cooling water pipes
  • Condenser water chambers/tube sheets
  • Flue gas ducts

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